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Business & Soft Skills Training Programs are designed for those with high entrepreneurial energy and feverish enthusiasm for creating something of their own.

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Business & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying and starting a new business venture, sourcing and organizing the required resources, while taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture. If you are a business owner or are in the process of becoming a business owner, we have everything you need.

Advanced Management Skills

This learning programme is intended for all persons who need to describe the relationship of junior management to other roles.  This Unit Standard specifies the...

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Motivate Your Team for Success

Making human connections in a technology-driven world! In the 21st Century, men and women continually lurch between the impersonal nature of technology and the intim...

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Business Protocol & Etiquette

Understand the importance of Business Protocol and Etiquette and the impact it has onthe company’s image. Identify different communication and personal...

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Excellent Customer Service - A Practical Approach

This course is aimed at students who are in the customer service field and want to improve their knowledge of customer service basics. Students will discuss what it ...

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Change Management

This learning programme that will lead you to greater understanding of formulating recommendations for a change process. By attending this learning programme, you wi...

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Practical Leadership

Practical Leadership will help you learn the practical skills you need to be an effective leader in your  organization. Up to this point in your career, you hav...

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Effective Business Writing

People regularly struggle with writing reports and proposals (RFPs). Our professionals will offer you the techniques and tools you need to master the requi...

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National Diploma: Business Management NQF6

This programme is just the ticket if you have ambitions of managing a business and its finances. Good business management is vitally important for a company's co...

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