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MCSD: Windows Store App C#


Demonstrate your expertise at designing and developing fast and fluid Windows 8 apps. There are two paths to achieving this certification—using HTML5 or C#.

If you’re leveraging your existing web programming skills in JavaScript, or starting from scratch on a new website, we recommend choosing the HTML5 path. If you‘re a .NET developer and are planning to create Windows 8 apps, choose the C# path.

Earning an MCSD: Windows Store Apps certification will qualify you for jobs such as software developer, web developer and quality engineer.


Programming in C# - (Course #20483B)

This Programming In C# course teaches developers the programming skills that are required for developers to create Windows applications using the C# language. During...

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Essentials of Developing Windows App (C#) (Course Code 20485C)

In this Essentials of Developing Windows App Using C# course students will learn essential programming skills and techniques that are required to develop Windows Sto...

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Advanced Windows Store App Development (C#)

In this Advanced of Developing Windows App Using C# course the students will learn the more advanced programming skills and techniques that they can use to optimize...

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